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Slightly used socks for sale.  555-2115

Lost and Found

Lost my #@*& 'n cat.  -T.T. 




Christian man looking for young Christian
woman who likes walks on the beach, holding hands, and quiet times. Also must
also like reading, playing Cribbage,
submissive play and the odd Rusty
Trombone or Cleveland Steamer.
Please contact COD with replies.



Birth Announcement:

It has been brought to our attention that another virgin has given birth to a child.
James Venni
Born: August 23, 2009
7 lbs. 7 ozs
Near Fenland, England
Our best wishes go out to the virgin Marie and her child.

He joins the ranks of such famous chaps as:
-Jesus Christ of the virgin Mary (we all know this fellow)
But also the lesser known:
Gautanma Budda - born of the the virgin Maya
around 600 BC
Dionysus - born of a virgin in a stable and also turned water into wine (James, you have a tough act to follow)
Quirrnus - born of a virgin
Attis - born of the virgin Nama in Phrygia around 200 BC
Indra - born of a virgin in Tibet around 700 BC
Adonis - born of the virgin Ishtar
Krishna - born of the virgin Devaki around 1200 BC
Zoroaster - born of a virgin between 1500 - 1200 BC
Mithra - born of a virgin in a stable on the 25th of December around 600 BC.

Jesus wasn't the first, so what makes you think he would be the last.

The Sisters of the First Order of the Holy Foc Herse would like to thank all who attended the Feed the Nunns
bake sale.  The brownies were really popular. Thanks from all of us...

 Sister KimmySister BlueSister Kaily  Sister Jenna  Sister 7of9  Sister Abigail  Sister Mary  Sister Jody

There was a low turn out of our last meeting of The Agoraphobics of NY, held in Central Park. Of our 452 members only 2 showed up. (and they went screaming like little school girls into the trees after 5 minutes)
Our next meeting will be held next Friday at 6pm in the main hall of Grand Central Station.
Reginald will be bring his famous macaroons. So please everyone be there.
And if anyone has seen Tim or Justin, let us know if they are okay.  
Thank you, Terner

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