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When I'm feeling down, I like to whistle. It makes the neighbor's dog run to the end of his chain and gag himself.  Then I laugh.

I read about the evils of I gave up reading.


99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

It is tougher to loose weight as we age because by then your body and the fat have become such good friends.


 Please exculpate me, I've been a bad boy (or girl)...      

  For several months Max and I had been chatting with each other over the computer, spending hours exploring
each other's personality and deepest sexual fantasies. My desire for him was growing stronger every day. We
had touched on the subject of meeting but had never made any definite plans, and I now felt it was time to
satisfy our sexual curiosity about each other.

  Many of our chats had left me so wet and hot that I would masturbate to relieve the frustration. I didn't believe
Max was fully aware of the effect he had on me. It was time that I called him.
This time I made sure we actually made firm plans. Max lived in another state several hours away, and I took
some time off from work and went to see him. We agreed that we would meet in his office around lunchtime. When I finished dressing and looked in the mirror, everything was perfect. I had selected a black leather skirt,
black thigh highs, black high heels, and a sheer ivory lace blouse that hugged my body and showed a glimpse
of my barely-there bra.

  I arrived early to surprise him. He greeted me with a hug and a soft, intimate kiss. Max and I had shared many
fantasies, and my plan was to fulfill at least one of them.

  He showed me to his workplace and sat down at his desk. I perched myself on the edge of the desk in front of
him. He said that since I was early, it would be a little while before he'd be ready to leave. I leaned over, kissed
him, and reminded him of a daydream we'd shared. I got down on my knees, with his desk shielding me from
view, and unzipped his pants. He was already fully erect, which enticed me more. At first I just lightly trailed my
fingertips down the length of his cock. The slightest touch had it jumping and oozing pre-come. I licked the tip
and circled the head and under the rim. Then I slid my lips up one side of his penis and down the other,
teasing the head as I passed over it.

  Suddenly I felt him stiffen, and it was then I realized that someone had walked into the office to talk to him. I
started sucking on just the head, and I could feel Max trying to resist and maintain his control in front of his
visitor. I sucked harder and took a little more of his hard cock into my mouth.

  When the intruder left and I felt Max relaxing, I stroked him slowly as I sucked more of him into my mouth. His
cock was so rigid, it felt as if it were going to explode, but I was not yet ready for him to come. I teased the
head with my tongue again as another person entered his office. Suddenly I took all of Max in at once, running
my whole tongue around his cock. I could hear him stumbling in his conversation with his colleague, so I
sucked harder and harder. I wanted to make him come while he had someone in his office. Knowing he was
close to the edge excited me more. I began harder, faster strokes, letting the head of his cock leave my mouth
and then slide back in through my hungry lips. Then, just as the other person was leaving, Max plunged his
cock deep into my throat and released what seemed like a never-ending stream of come. I continued sucking
until I was sure I had every last drop.

  All this may have started off as a fantasy for both of us, but some fantasies do come true.  -N.V.

        WOW, sounds great.
        -You're fine.


I've taken the Lord's name in vain 3 times this week.    -D.D.R.

         Holy Christ! If that's the worst you've done. Give yourself a pat on the back and go home.
        -You're fine.

I've down loaded music and videos from the Internet.    -W.S.S.

        1. Buy a Kenny G. CD and listen to the whole thing 3 times.
        2. Say "I promise not to do that again". 100 times.
        -Then, you're good.

I've been having unpure thoughts about my best freind's girlfreind.   -Yabitfiemott

        Is she HOT?   No, don't answer that.  (just send pictures)
        1. Don't touch yourself for a week.
        2. Say "I promise not to do that again". 100 times. (write it on a chalk board if you have one around)
        -Then, you're good.

I've been stealing my co-work's lunch.    -V.G.

        1. Give $20 each to the next 3 homeless people you see.
        2. Say "I promise not to do that again". 100 times.
        -Then, you're good.

If you don't agree with, or don't want to do any of these things to expunge your sins.  You can purchase some of our Sanctified Water to wash away your sins.  There are always options.

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