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This is the world according to Sab...
A dark and dangerous place on the outer edges of the mind...walk softly and carry a big ...

The heroic adventures of Captain Gandi Ganjamaster and his crew.

Hello fellow Skwids and initiates

My name is Sab, but you may call me Skwid #19.

We are gathered here to worship Bob and wonder at his greatness. You may feel sometimes that Bob may have overlooked you in the grand scheme of things, but chances are he has just chosen you to be the example. If you are to made example of, then dammit be a good one! We as Skwids must go forth and show the rest of the sheep the true meaning of Bob! The point of it all!* If you can't be a good example then be the best damn bad example you can. Always put your best effort into it. Then you can hold your head high. I have left some tips for you to use as a guide:

--Remember it is our duty to point out the obvious and to point and laugh whenever possible.
--Remember to love thy neighbor, not just thy neighbor's wife.

--Remember to take the time to smell the flowers, while you are scoping out your next victim's yard.

--Always remember if you are going to put sugar in your enemies gas tank to use the WHOLE bag!

If you follow these simple guidelines I promise you will be a great bad example. Make Bob proud!!!

Skwid #19 aka Sab

*btw if you know the point could you please explain it to me.

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